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All drivers must sign a liability release form to get into a kart and enter the racing circuit. Drivers under 18 must have a liability release form signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Adult Liability Form

Minor Liability Form

AIK offers three types of racing karts, and age/height requirements vary by kart:

Fun Kid Karts: In order to operate a "Fun Kid" kart, drivers must be at least  7 years old and 51 inches tall ...

GT3 Karts:  To operate the faster and larger GT3 karts, drivers must be at least 14 years old and 55 inches tall.

GT3 ProKarts: These karts have 35% more horsepower than the GT3 Karts and you must be at least 14 years old and 55" tall to operate these karts.  Also you must be a member of AIK and raced at least 7 times in the GT3 Karts.

How many laps is a race?

A single race (also called a heat) is anywhere from 12 to 18 laps on average and is typically 8 to 10 minutes of track time.  This does not sound like a lot of time, however, it is a physically demanding sport and requires a lot of effort.

What do the flags mean?

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